Furnace Servicing Langley

Furnace Servicing Langley

Furnace servicing in Langley is the most affordable heating service you can avail from us, your furnace maintenance plan is just a click away.

A furnace is an expensive and complicated appliance that keeps your home warm and cozy during the dead winter, so regular maintenance after a year is inevitable for its optimum performance. Regular servicing enables you to avoid unexpected breakdowns, which can be a daunting experience.

For furnace servicing in Langley, you can choose to hire our professionals who are familiar with HVAC technology and can better tune-up your unit. Our periodic servicing includes a thorough inspection of the essential components and their lubrication, any leaks, corrosion are identified and rectified. The vent system and air grills are checked and cleaned, the heat exchanger is inspected for signs of damage and corrosion, the blower motor is tested, electrical connections are checked, tightened and damaged wires are replaced. In the case of a fuel or gas furnace, its fuel lines are checked, all parts are lubricated, burner and pilot lights are inspected, thermocouple examination and a lot of other small cleanups are done.

Aquaflame heating and cooling aim at offering the best affordable heating and servicing plans for its customers, ensuring the warmth and comfort of their homes do not get disturbed. In annual furnace servicing Langley, our technicians leave no component overlooked, burner, flame sensor and belts are thoroughly cleaned and repaired if damaged. Safety controls are checked properly and air filters are removed to improve the air quality of your house. Extending the life of your furnace and keeping it in good functioning condition is only possible with our regular tune-up plan. We recommend you to get the furnace serviced once a year, at the end of the summer season.

Our high standard regular maintenance service allows you to save money by keeping it in good condition and avoiding repair costs, some warranty terms also require you to have regular tune-ups for a valid warranty.